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Peter’s Notes on Thrive

David Greer, MD,:

“Director of Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI)” — sounds a lot like, but is not the same as SETI. This is almost as annoying as 911 Truthers calling themselves skeptics.

The opening line is about the “perfect balance” of nature. Actually, don’t things in nature frequently wildly oscillate (I’m thinking of over-runs in various insect and vermin populations)? Not a good start.

He just said that the universe is making Torroid (i.e. doughnut) shapes everywhere. On behalf of Homer Simpson: Mmmmm…forbidden doughnut….

Crop Circles: Seriously?!

“The electromagnetic field…is often magnetically charged.”

Crop circles are round and a torus is also round. I guess that proves it!

I’m reminded of a line from the movie Ghostbusters (said sarcastically): “You’re right, Egon. No human being could stack books like this!”

Jack Kasher, Ph.D.:
I found this post on the Skeptic Friends Network from Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer, in 2001:

“Jack Kasher is actually rather difficult to track down on the web; I’ve tried. Mostly you find him on UFO sites with a link to buy his video showing Space Shuttle footage of a UFO being shot down. Instead, do a search on sts-48 (which was the Shuttle mission in question) and James Oberg, who has debunked Kasher numerous times. Ron Parise has also debunked Kasher on Michael Shermer’s show “Exploring the Unknown”. Parise is a Shuttle astronaut, having flown twice, as well as a professional astronomer.

“Kasher says he is a professor at the Univeristy of Nebraska, but usually doesn’t mention he’s at the Omaha campus, not the main one at Lincoln. He is not really affiliated with the main physics department there, as far as I have been able to determine.”

“Many scientists now believe Testla was accessing what would now call free energy.”

This is so bad it’s not even wrong. If true, it would mean that accessing “free energy” via a Testla coil requires massive amounts of electricity. Doesn’t sound very “free” to me!
In keeping with a recent article that Dave B posted on Facebook, it is funny when one fringe group takes up arms against a different fringe group. LMAO!


2 responses to “Peter’s Notes on Thrive”

  1. RationalSkeptic says:

    The style of the review was simply because I didn’t plan to spend the time to do any review, at first. When I watched the video, I made some notes, with timestamps, and shared them with my colleagues at ASR. Then we decided that we would share them, “warts and all”, with the world wide web. So it sort of happened “ass backwards”.

    You will also note that my last comment was at 34 minutes, but the video goes on for 2h12min. I simply stopped commenting because (1) I had to stop watching one day, and when I restarted I wasn’t in the mood to comment any more and (2) I was only commenting on items that were obviously incorrect to me (claims made that fall in the domain of science and engineering). When they started to get into simply silly assertions, untethered from objective reality, there is little point to comment.

    It has been almost a year since I viewed this, so my memory is not fresh to answer your question “do you think it’s a scam?” If I remember correctly, I did ask myself the same question. I concluded, in my opinion, it is not a scam, but rather a sincere but self-deluded effort.

    Let us know what you think of the “New Technology” section of their website.

    Thanks for taking the comment. It is appreciated.

  2. Ben says:

    I just watched the thrive documentary. I’ll agree the ideas are fringe however, I don’t see why you give a “talk soup” style review.
    Do you think it’s a scam? Certainly possible. however, if it is a hoax or scam, how are they making money off of this? It doesn’t seem lucrative enough for them to go to all the work of starting this movement. Just my thoughts.

    have you looked at the website? i’m reading the “New Technology” section right now.

    Anyhow, thanks for sharing your thoughts, I’m curious to hear more 🙂

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