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The Association for Science and Reason (ASR) is a society of diverse individuals who share a common interest in promoting the understanding and application of critical thinking skills and scientific methodology in the explanation of human experience — from the seemingly mundane to the alleged paranormal.

Therefore, ASR is committed to the maintenance of five fundamental tenets:

1. Activism
While interested in all matters subject to rational analysis, it is a covenant of ASR that it has the obligation to speak out where the absence of critical thought or the misrepresentation of scientific methodology creates the likelihood of demonstrable harm to an individual, group, or institution.

To effectively address these interests and obligations, ASR develops strong internal resources and makes strategic alliances with similar groups throughout the world.

2. Information
ASR serves as both a conduit and repository for information on critical thinking and scientific methodology. It makes this information, along with commentary on related issues such as pseudoscience and the paranormal, available to interested individuals and organizations through its established channels of communication.

3. Communication
Recognizing that a revolution has taken place in the manner in which both information and misinformation is distributed, ASR commits itself to attempt the most up-to-date application of all technology for the benefit of its members and its various endeavours.

4. Education
ASR encourages at every opportunity the instruction of critical thinking skills at all levels of education and to the general public through use of the media.

ASR sponsors programs to reward primary and secondary school students for the best demonstrations of critical thinking skills and the proper application of the scientific method.

ASR encourages, offers assistance, and maintains a program of contact with similar student societies on local university campuses.

ASR lobbies the appropriate government agencies of education to include critical thinking skills as part of required curriculum.

5. Philosophical Reflection

ASR is committed to the constant evaluation of the scientific process as a method for establishing truth.

ASR is similarly committed to the study and understanding of what components in human nature account for belief .

ASR established Toronto’s first and only Skeptics in the Pub (SiP) night, which takes place the third Friday of every month with very few exceptions. Past guest speakers have included the renowned author/psychologist/magician/skeptic Richard Wiseman; climate change expert Professor Danny Harvey; Executive Director of The John Howard Society of Canada Craig Jones;  Editor-in-Chief of Skeptic North Steve Thoms; Professor Spencer C.H. Barrett discussing some lesser-known facts about Darwin; and Charles O’Dale, who has combined his engineering skills with his hobbies of astronomy, geology, and flying to study impact craters. We also play ASR’s ‘patented’ Skepardy game at SiP and have screened the documentary Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus. For details on upcoming SiP events, visit the Events page.

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